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Let us help you stop erosion on your waterfront property.

Owning waterfront property in Asheboro, North Carolina is a dream for many. But you might not realize the issues a lake or pond on your land can cause. One of the biggest concerns is erosion, which can damage both the buildings on your land and the natural environment. At Snead’s Outdoor Services (SOS), we offer seawall installation for ponds to help you stop erosion before it causes too much damage. Continue reading to learn ways that erosion can damage your waterfront property.

Seawall Installation For Ponds in Asheboro, North Carolina

Loss of land along the shoreline is one of the most obvious results of erosion. The steady movement of the water can wear away the soil and cause the shoreline to slowly disappear. When this happens, it can cause your home to lose some value. It can also damage buildings nearby and threaten their stability. Seawall installation for ponds can help stop this by stabilizing the area around the water.

Erosion not only affects the value of your home but also has a significant effect on the natural environment around it. Sediment can get into the water when it is washed away from shore, affecting the fish living in the pond or lowering the water quality. This is especially significant if wildlife on your land uses the pond for drinking. Sediment buildup can also impact boats you may have in your pond, causing damage and costing you money.

Seawall installation for ponds is an effective erosion control method that decreases the adverse effects of erosion on your land and helps you maintain the value of your property. If you’re concerned about your pond, contact our team today to see how we can help you in the Asheboro area.

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