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Minimize erosion during your project by trusting our team.

In the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, the importance of erosion control cannot be overstated. Erosion refers to the natural process by which water and wind wear away geological material like rocks and soil. It can lead to water or air pollution and impact the environment in several other ways.  However, our team at Snead’s Outdoor Services has all the necessary skills to provide erosion control on your property.

Erosion Control in Lake Norman, North Carolina

The erosion control we provide is primarily geared towards clients who have bodies of water on their property. For instance, many of our clients have waterfront properties, so they may be concerned about shoreline erosion. Without erosion control, the waves wear away the soil, but we can provide stabilization through seawalls. These are designed to break up the waves’ energy so that it doesn’t reach the shoreline with so much force. This technique is effective for lakes, but it can also be used for large ponds as well.

We will take the time to assess your property and its erosion control needs so that we can understand how to approach those needs in the best way. Then, we will design your seawall and install it with precision. By the time we are finished, you can have peace of mind that your property has extra protection against the effects of erosion.

If you are interested in our erosion control services or would like to learn more about our other capabilities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our team at SOS is eager to assist you.

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