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We offer forestry mulching as a land-clearing solution.

Here in Asheboro, North Carolina, we’re surrounded by many trees. The lush landscape of this area makes it an appealing place to live and work, but too many trees can also make it difficult to build on land that has become overgrown. If a plot of land that you own in the area is overgrown and heavily wooded, you may be looking for solutions. Land clearing often comes with a few concerns, including the cost of the process and the damage that may be caused to the environment as a result. One eco-friendly option is forestry mulching, a process that is also cost-effective and efficient.

Forestry Mulching in Asheboro, NC

At Snead’s Outdoor Services (SOS), we offer forestry mulching as a land-clearing solution. When we perform this task, we use equipment to clear the land, but instead of hauling away and disposing of the vegetation remnants, we turn them into mulch on the spot. We can then place the mulch on the ground, helping to manage the vegetation growth in the future and provide for the health of the wildlife that may call that land home. This process eliminates the need for additional equipment, including machines used to haul the materials away. We can use one machine to cut and clear growth, grinding it right away to leave a blanket of natural mulch.

Other benefits of forestry mulching include a lower level of pressure on the ground, minimizing the disturbance caused, and the placement of a nutrient-rich ground cover. Contact us to request an estimate for forestry mulching on your overgrown or wooded property.

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