Basement Excavating, Asheboro, NC

Don’t build your basement without an experienced excavation team.

If you’re constructing a basement, there are a few key steps that need to be completed before construction begins. One of these steps involves basement excavating. In basement excavation, our team at Snead’s Outdoor Services (SOS) removes dirt from your building site, providing a level base for your project. This ensures that your Asheboro, North Carolina build will have a strong foundation.

Basement Excavating in Asheboro, North Carolina

Other important reasons you need an experienced team for basement excavating are listed below.

  • Utility Installation. Basement excavating makes it possible to put in underground services like water lines, sewage systems, electrical conduits, and phone lines. These services are essential for your property, and excavating makes it possible to put them below the ground, keeping them safe from damage.
  • Site Grading: When we do basement excavating, we also assess the slope, contour, and elevation of the land to ensure proper grading. This increases stability by decreasing erosion risks.
  • Soil stability. Speaking of erosion, our basement excavating team will determine if there are issues of soil stability and safety. By eliminating dirt or rock layers that aren’t suitable, risks from unstable ground can be reduced.
  • Construction planning and surveying. As mentioned, before a construction job can begin, it’s essential to have our basement excavating team complete our work. During the process, we can discuss any issues that may jeopardize the project with the foreman or property owner, saving time and money as the build continues.

Basement excavating isn’t simply digging a hole for the basement. It lays the groundwork for the entire project. It makes construction projects safer, more stable, and more efficient when done correctly. If you need basement excavating in Asheboro, call our team today. We’re experienced in various excavation projects and can provide you with the expertise you need.

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