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Our grading and excavating services are second to none.

If you’re planning a major construction or landscaping project, you’ll likely need to hire grading and excavating services before you can begin enhancing your property. Grading and excavating creates the proper landscape for your plans by leveling the ground and creating the right slope for drainage and other purposes. If you have an upcoming project that requires grading and excavating services, get in touch with our team at Snead’s Outdoor Services for assistance.

Land Grading in Lake Norman, North Carolina

We have been providing grading and excavating services for many years, and our team at SOS has the proper training to operate heavy machinery for maximum efficiency. We also know how to assess your property carefully before we get started so that we can get the job done right. We’ll look closely at the topography and soil composition, create a detailed plan, excavate the land by digging, and grade it to level it out. When we are finished, you will have the base you need to get started on your own project.

When we provide grading and excavating services, you can have peace of mind while working with us. We are skilled, honest, and prepared to earn your satisfaction. We also carry general liability insurance and workers’ compensation in the rare chance that an accident occurs.

We proudly offer grading and excavating services for both residential and commercial projects in Lake Norman, North Carolina. If you would like to ask us questions about our services or begin discussing your project, contact us today to get your first estimate free.

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