6 Types of Land Grading You Can Do on Your Property

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If your property has uneven terrain, land grading can help create a well-shaped and more usable space. Depending on your site’s prevailing needs, there are six different land grading techniques that you can employ on your property.

6 Types of Land Grading You Can Do on Your Property

  1. Rough Grading. Rough grading refers to the major dirt work involved with cutting, moving, and filling earth to establish basic elevations and contours for subsequent construction work. Heavy equipment, like our state-of-the-art Caterpillar machinery here at Snead’s Outdoor Services (SOS), is typically used for moving large amounts of soil.
  2. Finished Grading. Finished grading fine tunes rough grading work to smooth and compact soil. It establishes well-defined slopes and surfaces before the final grading. Additionally, it may involve using tillers or rakes to remove rocks and debris from the topsoil.
  3. Final Grade. The final grade is the last stage of preparing soil for hardscaping and softscaping. This type of land grading normally involves a combination of soil compaction and amendments to optimize the viability of the site for seeding or constructing pavements.
  4. Regrading. Regrading involves any reworking of previously finished grades that require alteration due to issues like drainage problems, settling soil, or damage. It’s used in situations where the design elevations must be achieved, like building roads and parking lots.
  5. Architectural Grading. Architectural grading precisely meets building codes and plans to appropriately direct water flow around structures and establish design features like mounds, swales, or flower bed contours.
  6. Landscape Grading. This land grading technique creates appealing contours and features in yards and gardens. It’s commonly used to sculpt attractive beds and slopes that will facilitate planting and water drainage.

No matter the land grading service you need, our experienced grading and excavating team here at SOS is ready to assist you. Contact us today and get your first estimate from us free of charge!