Don’t Let Erosion Control Get You Down – Check Out These Tips!

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Like most homeowners in the Lexington, North Carolina area, you probably don’t think about erosion control very often. However, homes in this region can still be vulnerable to erosion as waterways and hillsides change over time.

Don’t Let Erosion Control Get You Down – Check Out These Tips!

To protect your property and keep erosion at bay, it’s crucial to be proactive and employ smart strategies. Here are some helpful tips when considering options for erosion control:

  • Increase Vegetation. Planting grasses and shrubs can help to stabilize areas prone to erosion. This is especially true for slopes around your property that may be subject to runoff from rain or snowmelt.
  • Install a Retaining Wall. If you have steep slopes, installing a retaining wall along the edge of your property can help to hold back soil and keep it from slipping away.
  • Retain Stormwater. For flat surfaces, consider installing a system of rain gardens or swales, which can help to trap and hold stormwater runoff.
  • Install Erosion Blankets. If you’re dealing with steep slopes, an erosion blanket can be installed over the area and then covered with soil. This will help to keep the soil from washing away due to rain or snowmelt.
  • Create Erosion Control Plans. If your property is near a lake, river, or stream, consider creating an erosion control plan tailored specifically for your site. At Snead’s Outdoor Services, we can help develop an appropriate strategy by assessing your unique landscape and shoreline.

Taking these preventative measures can help protect your property from erosion and safeguard it for years to come. Call us at SOS today for more information or assistance with your erosion control needs.