What’s the Role of an Excavation Contractor in a Construction Project?

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From clearing and grading to trenching and demolition, excavation is one of the most physically demanding aspects of any construction project. Managing these soil-related tasks requires knowledge of earthmoving equipment, safety regulations, environmental controls, and more. This is where an excavation contractor comes in.

What’s the Role of an Excavation Contractor in a Construction Project?

Without further ado, let’s look at why an excavation contractor is an invaluable part of any construction project:

  1. Demolition and Land Clearing. If there’s a preexisting structure on the construction site, an excavation contractor is called in to demolish it. Additionally, they will clear vegetation, rock beds, and other natural obstacles using bulldozers, haul trucks, and excavators. This clears the path for accessing the site and laying new foundations.
  2. Site Excavation. Any holes, trenches, and spaces to house foundations, utilities, basements, and footings depend on excavation contractors digging to prescribed depths and dimensions, all while protecting the surrounding earth. Based on architectural plans and engineering, they carve into the ground so that the very bones of buildings have spaces in which to fit.
  3. Grading and Leveling. With newly vacant land to work with, an excavation contractor will then grade and level the area in accordance with the specifications required for the planned structure. Their laser guidance ensures the ground elevation and slope angles are suitable for laying precise foundations.
  4. Erosion Control. Naturally, a construction project will cause significant disruption to the ground and soil. To address this, an excavation contractor will implement erosion control solutions like silt fencing and earth embankments. These solutions are essential in curtailing wind and water erosion that could undermine a building’s foundations.

While an excavation contractor’s work may be messy, it allows buildings to literally rise from the earth. Here at SOS, we would like to be part of your next residential or commercial construction project. We have high-quality excavation machinery and an exceptional team to boot; contact us today.