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Leave pond construction to our team.

A pond can be a beautiful and useful addition to your property, and our team at Snead’s Outdoor Services is just the team to create one for you. As an excavating and grading company, we have plenty of experience in pond construction, and we have both the skills and the proper equipment to dig one out on your Lake Norman, North Carolina property.

Pond Construction in Lake Norman, North Carolina

There are many reasons people turn to us for their pond construction projects. For some, a pond can serve as a water source for their livestock. Others are interested in ponds for recreation, including fishing and boating, whereas some just want a pond to add value and visual appeal to their property. Golf courses, for instance, often have large ponds to enhance their appearance and create a more unique landscape. But no matter the reason you are interested in pond construction services, you can trust our team at SOS with the job.

Our machines, made by reputable manufacturers like Caterpillar, are highly effective at digging, hauling, and grading. With our team’s extensive training and careful attention to detail, we will ensure your pond has a stable structure and that it accomplishes exactly what you need it to.

Our clients who have come to us for pond construction in the past have been very pleased with the results we can provide, and we are confident you will be pleased as well. Contact us today to begin discussing your pond construction project and get your first estimate for free.

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